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  • July 2017 Meeting - Update: Linux in the enterprise.. Servers and Utility deployments - Drones - Bussiness and Fun

July 2017 Meeting - Update: Linux in the enterprise.. Servers and Utility deployments - Drones - Bussiness and Fun

  • 19 Jul 2017
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • FTC&H Engineering - 1515 Arboretum Dr. SE - Grand Rapids, MI 49546


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Update: This month we have an exciting jam packet group of presentations. We have a licensed drone expert coming to talk on his experience, and use of drones achieving both business and fun in the market place. Our second half of the evening will cover Linux enterprise perspectives. Please note we have reserved the room until 9:00pm to allow you the opportunity to gain as much information as possible. We understand those driving from a distance may need to leave early.

Drones - Commercial and Hobbyists applications

Topic:  How I got into Drones: This presentation consist of a discussion of how Scott got into drones and what are some of the considerations of drones as they pertain to hobbyists and or commercial applications. Scott will bring various toy drones, racing drones and a commercial drone to the presentation. The audience will be encouraged to discuss and ask questions regarding drones. (Outdoor demonstration planned: Weather permitting)

Speaker Bio: Scott Anderle P.T., has been a physical therapist (PT) since 1987 and owned five rehabilitation agencies throughout West Michigan. Scott sold his rehabilitation company after 13 years of service to the community and began independent study of home modification for individuals who have had a catastrophic injury or disease as well as the aging baby boomers. For 14 years Scott worked as a home modification specialist and national speaker.  
     Scott began studying drones in 2016 and he has concentrated his studies regarding all things drones. Over the last 10 months Scott has concentrated on drones and their applications in the market place. He has worked at understanding how drones work and aggressively worked on his flying skills. He currently holds a FAA commercial drone pilot’s certification and a FCC ham radio technician license. Scott has bought a Blade Conspiracy 220 racing drone and flown with line of sight as well as with FPV (First Person Viewing) Scott has assisted in building his own Lumenier QAV-R racing drone.  This aircraft is being prepped for competitive racing events. Scott has purchased a DJI Phantom 4 Pro commercial drone and has begun his training and orientation with this aircraft.

Linux in the enterprise.. Servers and Utility deployments

Topic:  Linux in the Enterprise: Linux Enterprise deployment seniors. What can Linux do for our business environments. What Linux Distributions are relevant to our business and how can we leverage the open source world in our business.

Topic:  Linux Utility deployments: Linux is everywhere in the IT sector in many applications that we take for granted every day... Routers, IOT devices, Smart devices and more. How can you leverage Linux Utility deployments for your business. We will discuss a few examples.

Open Discussion Linux Relevant to You: During our open discussions forum we will further explore how Linux servers and utility deployments can benefit your organizations. Bring your ideas and questions to share with the group. If you have any use cases please offer them as well.

                             We will have Food, and Soda. We are asking all attending to register so we can order the appropriate amount of food. 

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