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  • October 2016 Meeting - Windows Networking Gold Mining & Windows Server 2016 Series (1)

October 2016 Meeting - Windows Networking Gold Mining & Windows Server 2016 Series (1)

  • 19 Oct 2016
  • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • FTC&H Engineering - 1515 Arboretum Dr. SE - Grand Rapids, MI 49546


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Main Tech Topic: Windows Network Gold Mining, & Windows Server 2016 Series 1

This month we are taking dual shot method we have pushed our E-Mail filtering topic back several months to explore several other topics of interest to small business, and enterprise a like.

Topic:  Windows Network Gold Mining -- Windows GPO’s (Group Policy Objects)

       GPO’s have been around for years; however they are still one of Windows best kept secrets for many IT professional. Sure we all know about GPO’s and what they can do, but where is the gold that is buried in there implementation?  Load up the old mule and come down to the GPO River with us as we pan through the GPO options to find the most valuable golden nuggets. Bring your questions and experiences, and we as group will look at what it takes to make GPO’s the most valuable IT resource for our organizations.

Topic: Windows Server 2016 Series – Initial Deployment 

         This month we will begin the first of a two part series on Microsoft Windows Server 2016. There is a lot in this new release of our beloved Windows Server. So what will it take to deploy it into and environment? How can your organization take on this deployment and why would you want to make the jump? We will being this exploration this month and then continue the Journey next month with some advance configuration and technical insights.

          We will have Pizza Food, and Soda. We are asking all attending to register so we can order the appropriate amount of food. 

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